Under Lock & Key, The Unican Story

Aaron M. Fish
At our first meeting Aaron gave me a 50,000-word manuscript. >>>

AURA, Canada’s Tallest Residential Condominium

In my role as project editor and writer, telling the story of Aura’s development felt as big and exciting as the building itself. >>>

Winning at Intrapreneurship, 12 Labors to Overcome Corporate Culture and Achieve Startup Success

Guillaume Hervé
An experienced and successful intrapreneur, Guillaume knew exactly what he wanted to say about turning innovations into thriving businesses. >>>

Five Decades of FES at York, The Praxis of Environmental Studies

Tim Leduc & David Morley
York University’s Faculty of Environmental Studies was way ahead of the curve at its founding in 1968. >>>

The Sex Book, An A to Z Resource for Teenagers

Jane Pavanel
When my daughter was on the brink of puberty I realized how little prepared I was to talk to her about sex. >>>

Speed & Trust, Canderel Builds Bell Canada’s Global Headquarters

As the project editor and writer, my task was to capture the tremendous energy, inventiveness, and drive behind the successful completion of this five-building campus in only 18 months of construction. >>>

Walking with Wolf, A Life Spent Protecting the Costa Rican Wilderness

Kay Chornook & Wolf Guindon
Kay’s goal was to intersperse her personal journey with the remarkable story of her friend Wolf Guindon, the pioneering conservationist who helped found Monteverde in Costa Rica. >>>

My Life at the Bar and Beyond

Alex K. Paterson
Alex Paterson was on the front lines during critical moments in Quebec’s modern history. >>>


It took an original concept to tell the story of Canderel’s humble beginnings in 1975 and its growth into one of Canada’s foremost real estate development and management companies. >>>

Mr. Zuko Takes Flight

Michel Faure
Michel Faure decided to write down a story he had created for his daughters when they were small. >>>

Shoes for Amélie

Connie Colker Steiner
Readers learn about World War II through this story of the friendship between young Lucien and the mysterious girl name Amélie who hides on his family’s farm in the Vivarais-Lignon region of France. >>>


Dangerous Measures
by Joseph Schwarzberg
The Azrieli Series of Holocaust Survivor Memoirs, 2018, 208 pages

A Part of Me
by Bronia Jablon
The Azrieli Series of Holocaust Survivor Memoirs, 2018, 130 pages

Finding Our Way Home, A Family’s Story of Life, Love and Loss
by Damon Dagnone
Self-published online, 2018, 176 pages

Some other titles Ive edited:


Winter in Montreal
by Susan Semenak
Les Éditions Cardinal, 2018, 250 pages

Nourishing Friends, Recipes for a Healthy Life
by Gigi Cohen & Karen Dubrofsky
Self-published, 2012, 216 pages

Cooking with Canada’s Best, Signature Recipes from Our Finest Chefs
by Karen Dubrofsky
Self-published, 2009, 220 pages

Montreal Cooks, Recipes from Montreal’s Finest Restaurants
by Karen Dubrofsky
Self-published, 2007, 220 pages

The Only Hand, A Cookbook
by Margaret Glassford
Self-published, 2005, 104 pages

GUIDEBOOK (Pending publication)

The Eco-Optimist’s Guide to Saving the Planet
by Deanna Ford


As the senior editor at Lobster Press between 1999 and 2003, I was the project editor for these books:

How Cold Was It?, by Jane Barclay, illustrations by Janice Donato
Elton the Elf, by Lisa Mallen, illustrations by Rogé
Jason Mason Middleton-Tapp, by John Roy Bennett, illustrations by Isabelle Charbonneau
That Curly-Haired Girl, by Elise Feltrin, illustrations by Aries Cheung
From Poppa, by Anne Carter, illustrations by Kasia Charko
Smarty Pants, by Colleen Sydor, illustrations by Suzane Langlois
When Pigs Fly, by Valerie Coulman, illustrations by Rogé
Animal Sneezes, by John Roy Bennett, illustrations by David Wysotski
A Tree Is Just a Tree?, by Brenda Silsbe, illustrations by Yayo
Going on a Journey to the Sea, by Jane Barclay, illustrations by Liz Milkau
The Hockey Card, by Jack Siemiatycki and Avi Slodovnick, illustrations by Doris Barrette
The Gaggle Sisters, River Tour, written and illustrated by Chris Jackson

The Abby & Tess Pet-Sitters series, by Trina Wiebe, illustrations by Marisol Sarrazin:
Ants Don’t Catch Flying SaucersLizards Don’t Wear Lip GlossGoldfish Don’t Take Bubble BathsPiglets Don’t Watch TelevisionHamsters Don’t Glow in the DarkGoats Don’t Brush Their Teeth

The Generation Norah series, by Trina Wiebe, illustrations by Lenka Vernex:
Fashion FandangoMaxwell’s Metamorphosis

The Max-a-Million series, by Trina Wiebe, illustrations by Helen Flook:
Max the Magnificent