All my life, story has delighted my senses, provided guidance, informed my thoughts, taught me truth, and brought me hope and joy.

I explore through story. It has opened my eyes, stirred my emotions, and been a trusted companion. Thanks to story I am a listener, a reader, an editor, a writer, and a teacher.

I blame enduring curiosity and wonder for my interest in so many subjects, including memoir, biography, women, men, the Holocaust, Indigenous realities, Black Lives politics, race issues, war, history, art history, architecture, entertainment, education, sexuality, scientific discovery, the brain, mental health, children, children's books, food, and gardening.

A few basics...

I graduated from McGill University in 1982 with a BA in English and Political Science, and in 1984 with a Diploma in Education.

I have worked in-house for publishing companies, and freelance for magazine and educational publishers, non-governmental and fundraising organizations, corporations, and individuals. My experience as a parent of three adolescents prompted me to write The Sex Book, an A to Z resource for teenagers.

Clear and coherent writing is my profession and passion.