Even though we know our own story well, writing it down so that others understand is hard. I’ll work with you to establish the plot points, flesh out the characters, determine the structure, or identify the most evocative of your photographs. Or you may need help achieving a pleasing rhythm or writing convincing descriptions. Perhaps you’re unsure of how to end your story, or how to begin it. Together we’ll find the solution to every problem, always preserving your voice as the author.


Writing fiction that delights the reader demands sharp attention to multiple elements. Does your plot provide enough surprises? Are your characters three-dimensional and properly supported by secondary characters? Is too much backstory killing the momentum? Have you checked for unintentional repetition and clichés? I’ll constructively critique your writing and help you make improvements so you deliver a story that engages and satisfies.


The best non-fiction is substantial, compelling, and clear. Once you’ve taken your manuscript as far as you can, you’ll want an editor to check it for content (have you left out essential information?) and readability (is your meaning clear?). This entails an analysis of the bigger picture, including structure and overall flow, and scrutinizing the finer details such as syntax, word usage, and grammar. My suggestions will help you produce a book that positively influences your readers.