Jane Pavanel, writer

I help people tell their stories. For 30 years I’ve collaborated on personal memoirs, corporate and institutional histories, tales for children, guidebooks, textbooks, websites, articles, and essays. Even the cookbooks I edit offer story.

I have worked with clients who live in Montreal, like I do, or as far away as Thunder Bay in Northern Ontario or Monteverde in Costa Rica. If you need help with your manuscript, call me or send me an email.

Writing and Ghostwriting

Tell me the details of your personal history and I’ll shape a tale that captures your voice, captivates your readers, and informs them about the events, places, people, and ideas that have defined your life. Or give me a manuscript that's dense with complicated industry terminology and I’ll transform it into accessible prose that delivers a coherent, compelling narrative. We’ll collaborate every step of the way to present your story just as you have imagined it.


Have you written a manuscript but now you feel stuck? Together we can get things moving again. I’m proficient at structural editing, line-by-line editing, and copy editing. I have the ear and sensitivity to rewrite parts of a manuscript in the author’s voice. If you want to improve as a writer, I’ll be your coach. Other ways I can help: project creation and coordination from original writing to finished book, photo selection, design, proofreading, and indexing.

Plain Language

Readers love plain language because it makes understanding easy. Whether yours is a complex business history or focuses on the intricacies of academia or environmental philosophy, I can convey the information in simple, clear terms. Our goal is to create a readable account that fulfills your intention, whether it's to motivate, instruct, influence, or enlighten.

Our narratives are the soul of our humanity. Through story we connect with each other and ourselves.